Troll 2

TROLL 2 REVIEW: (written by JK)

Troll 2 has the main characters partaking in a house swap with a mysterious family, they end up living in a house in the small town of Nilbog. The son Joshua learns that Nilbog has a
dark secret. Despite the name, there are no Trolls, but actually Goblins (utilizing bad masks) who don’t seem to have any desires outside of turning people into plants to eat them.

The characters were quite forgettable to be honest. The main family consists of the son, his Grandpa’s ghost, his sister, her boyfriend (and his friends that stick to him like a disease).
Most of them are quite forgettable to be honest, though the Grandpa ghost is a ridiculous character, somehow using numerous powers and manifesting physical objects despite being etherial.

The main villains are Goblins that masquerade as people, led by a witch who seems to be overacting too much. Honestly, not much stands out, not helped by the bad acting.
They’re pretty much generic monster people, though the Witch was fairly enjoyable. They were created as an attack on vegetarianism, but it kind of falls flat due to them wanting to turn
people INTO vegetables before eating them, as opposed to just eating vegetables.

Though the best actor in the movie is probably that fly that stayed on someone’s face even as they screamed their head off (during the infamous “Oh my Gooooooooooosh” scene). Didn’t break
character at all.

The plot is kicked off with a strange house swap which is barely explained, and most of the goings on occur without the majority of the family catching on. The “only the kid knows what’s
going on” trope is strong here, and his Grandpa’s ghost often reveals new nonsensical powers and abilities as the plot demand (including stopping time, and pulling out a physical molotov

It’s a completely cheesy horror(?) movie that’s so mundane, yet so ridiculous that you can’t help but laugh at some parts like: Joshua stopping his family from eating their meal by peeing on
it while time’s stopped, a witch seducing a teen with a corncob (which somehow fills the Caravan with Popcorn), and Joshua defeating the Goblins by eating a bologna sandwich in front of them.
(I’m honestly not joking. All that crap and more actually happens in this movie). There’s also a dumb “horror cliffhanger” that doesn’t make sense in the context of the movie itself.

Nearly all the movie takes place in a town called Nilbog, where everyone acts strangely and tries to get you to consume their goods. Basically how Goblins turn people into plants before
eating them. It should be obvious with how weird everyone acts and the fact that the town’s name is Goblin spelt backwards, yet the majority of the characters are too dumb to realize until
they die. The basic concept could be horrifying if done right (monsters mutating people into inanimate plants), but… was not done right here.

The Acting is pretty terrible. This is mainly because none of the cast were actual actors (being more passers by reacting to a casting call expecting to be extras), as well as despite an english
script, nearly nobody working on the movie spoke English, leading to a pretty massive language barrier. The most convincing portrayal was the man working at the general store (played by a random
mental patient that wandered on set one day…no, I’m being serious about this too), giving quite an unnerving atmosphere.
The woman playing the witch went full ham, which was appreciated compared to the others. As for the music, it’s pretty much generic 90s movie soundtrack. Nothing too standout.

Made very ameturish due to countless circumstances, Troll 2 is a very bad, but hilarious movie. Despite being renamed Troll 2 to capitalize on a movie called Troll, it gained a big cult following
from it’s notable (lack of) quality in a similar vein to “The Room”, eventually vastly eclipsing the fame of the movie it attempted to leech off of. If you’re looking for a genuinely good movie,
you should pass on this. If you like “So bad it’s good” movies, you’ll enjoy this Messterpiece.

This review is the opinion of one individual and doesn’t equal fact or the opinions of others, as every opinion is unique.

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