Spyro the dragon   by Jordon Simm                                          

Spyro the dragon is where you dragon and have a helper called sparks

you go around release dragons that were frozen crystal from nasty nork

you have to go around saving them to get 101% and then at the end of the game

you get to fight nasty nork who is the boss who froze all the dragons and save the world

Out of 10 i give it 8 its okay game but still good

Spyro Riptos rage

Spyro Riptos rage where you have to go around collecting orbs and gems you have

to get all orbs and gems to defeat Ripto you have to collect talismans though out the game

every world gives u talisman and there’s parts to have to pay enjoying guy called money bags you have to

pay a lot of gems but u get them back at the end of the game once you defeated ripto

Out of 10 i give it 10 i love this game so fun I could do it over again

Spyro year of the dragon

Spyro the year of the dragon where you have to collect dragon eggs which the sorceress has taken from the dragon world and

have to get them back you also get play as 4 characters  Spyro, Huntley which is a abominable snow man ,agent 9 is a monkey who has gun

to shoot Rhinocks , Sheila is a kangaroo who jumps around kicking people  ,Sgt Byrd is like a worrier who know about his guns he uses

once you get 100% in game you fight the sorceress then then there a special world and you have to fight her 1 more time cause its her last

battle cause when I fight her once u fight her for the final time and you beat her.

Out of 10 i give 9 its good game cannot lie but in some parts its it’s a hard game

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