Spiderman – Into the Spiderverse


Unlike previous Spiderman movies, this one follows a young man named Miles Morales. After getting bit by a radioactive spider, his life gets turned upside down after he witnesses the death of
Peter Parker at the hands of Wilson Fisk. At the same time, Fisk’s failed attempt to bring back his dead family starts making the dimensions collide. Now with the help of other Spider People (and a Pig),
Miles needs to stop Fisk and fix things before everything is destroyed.

There are quite a few great characters here. You have the main man Miles as he struggles with his newfound powers and attempts to fit in at a new school, and his family is quite likable too.
As for the Spider people: There’s a rather interesting variation of Peter Parker, this one being more experienced and middle aged. He’s quite a fun mentor character.
Spider Gwen is an alternate version of Gwen Stacy who got the Spider Powers. She’s a nice foil to Miles, being more serious and mature – also being another mentor to Miles.
Spiderman Noir, Spider Ham & Peni Parker are also another 3 versions of Spiderman. They sadly don’t get as much screentime as the others, but they’re great, providing more unique heroes, their own brand of humour
& even their own artstyles.

Aunt May and Mary Jane have smaller roles, but they make quite an impact. May has taken on an Alfred-esque role who isn’t afraid to fight & MJ’s small appearances are often accompanied by quite emotional moments.

As for the villains, Wilson Fisk is fairly sympathetic, but probably not as good as his Netflix counterpart (and looks quite odd too).
Doc Ock is a rather interesting version here. On top of being female here, she is also quite sadistic for the science and has an implied backstory with Aunt May (which I hope gets explored in the sequel).
The Prowler is quite terrifying and badass, with a rather tragic reveal to top that. It’s rather hard to talk about him without spoilers.

I don’t think I really have any problem with any of the characters, except possibly Tombstone, and only because he didn’t have enough to do in the movie.

Although starting fairly light-hearted with Miles starting a new school he doesn’t want to attend & graffitiing with his uncle, the movie isn’t afraid to hit some dark points (such as the plot triggering death of
Peter Parker, complete with some rather somber moments of the whole city grieving). This is largely Miles’ journey to mature and learn that anyone can be behind that mask, but this is also a journey for Peter too
(a different-shaped Peter). The villain’s motive is quite understandable, but his methods are rather drastic, making you still want him to be stopped.

Sadly, Spiderman Noir, Spider Ham & Peni Parker (Sp//dr) get surprisingly little screentime, only being introduced around the middle of the movie and are largely unimportant to the major plot (as in they can be replaced with 3
different Spider People and the movie wouldn’t really change much). It’s a shame since they’re such likable characters for the time they do get and although I’d like to see them more in the sequel, they’d have to
share screentime with more Spiders (such as the 1978 live-action Japanese incarnation of Spiderman) if they do return. Maybe in spin-offs? Who knows.

Taking place in New York, the movie’s set pieces are mostly what you’d expect from a Spiderman movie. Though there is a large variety of different locations which is bound to grab your attention (special shout out
to the climactic battle, which merges very well with the plot of the movie). From a park, to an underground subway, an abandoned building, an office, and even a Spider-version of the Bat-Cave, there’s plenty of places
for the movie to go, befitting the massive city this movie takes place in.

The visuals are also brilliant, intentionally using a more choppy animation style & bright colours to emulate a comic book. Interestingly, even sound effects and thought bubbles visibly appear on the screen, looking
virtually identical to how they do in the comics. Even using comic books as a medium to explain the various Spider People’s backstories, there was clearly a lot of love put into this movie.

Although I don’t particularly care for rap music, it sort of fits well & is intergrated into Miles’ character a bit. The other music is great too.
As for the Voice Acting, it’s on point! Spider-Ham sounds like he crawled out of a Looney Tunes short. Peni Parker sounds like a small Japanese girl. Noir sounds like a hard-boiled detective-parody.
Peter sounds like he’s been through a lot of crap in the past. Top notch.

Spiderverse is a unique Comic Book movie that actually feels like a comic, good character arcs, lots of personality and isn’t afraid to take risks, which works in its favour.
Easily one of the best animated movies of the year, as well as one of the best animated movies Sony Pictures produced & possibly the best Spiderman movie yet. It’s quite shocking how this is from the same people
that brought us the Emoji Movie. Don’t let that stop you, the difference is between 0 & 100, Spiderverse is a quality movie you should watch if you’re a fan of Super Heroes, a fan of Comics, a fan of Animation,
or just a fan of movies. Although there are a couple small flaws, they’re rather easy to look past and it’s easy to recommend this.

This review is the opinion of one individual and doesn’t equal fact or the opinions of others, as every opinion is unique.

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